blackforestredemptionesISBN: 978-1922074256

Price: $19.95

by Amanda Deed

A man resigned to a life without fulfillment or purpose. A woman desperate for adventure. Set against the tumultuous times of the Eureka uprising in Ballarat, 1854, the two find themselves victims of an abduction. To escape could mean death. To hope for rescue is not an option.
Together they must find a way to survive in an untamed land where bush rangers, dense forest and wild animals are only some of the dangers they must face. Can he find the courage to succeed? Can she realise her dreams of freedom? Will the ordeal forge a bond of love between them, or
drive them apart? And above all, will they find their way home?


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ISBN: 978-1922074287

Price: $19.95

by Amanda Deed

Rupert Foxworth has made too many wrong decisions. He may be able to cast the blame on others, but ultimately he must face the consequences of his actions. With murder hanging over his head, can he make some drastic changes to his life before it's too late? Will he be able to find the lasting love he has yearned for in his pretty cousin who has come to visit?
Emily Harrison has some secrets of her own. Can she lay aside her past and learn to love a man who seems bent on destruction? She will discover that things are not always as they seem.

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