central to nowhere large72by D J Blackmore


Capricorn Station is vast, desolate and Central to Nowhere according to Sydney born Ivy. But she’s also not quite the Jillaroo that stockman Adam O’Rourke was expecting for the summer. Ivy has long hair, long nails and absolutely no idea how to ride a horse.

With a fair amount of gumption—and one white lie aside—Ivy’s determined to show Adam that she’s got what it takes. And Adam is equally determined that she’s going home ASAP – before he gets too used to having her pretty face around.

Soon Ivy realises that there’s more between them than the brush and Brigalow that sweeps the planes. But Ivy has only one summer on Capricorn Station. One season that’s passing way too quickly to hurry its pace.


 Release Date: Coming in 2019!
ISBN: 9781925563641
Price: $24.99