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Nick Hawkes talks about his 'stone collection'

dr nick hawkes non fiction authorI write books because I love great stories. You do too, I expect. There is something primal in us, isn’t there, that enjoys hearing tales of unlikely heroes doing extraordinary things—usually at some cost to themselves.

I also love exotic locations.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you should feel you know the places you are taken to… and hopefully find yourself enriched—for they are places that have enriched me. I’ve visited most of them at some stage in my life and when I did, I was like a child—revelling in all I experienced. I absorbed the culture, soaked in the ambience and noticed the wildlife (a legacy of my scientific training). My aim in writing is to have the essence of these places spill out on the pages… and delight you.

All my novels have the word ‘stone’ somewhere in their title. Six have been written. Three have been published… and three are in the pipeline. The “Stone” books are a collection rather than a series. Each has different characters, romances and adventures and each is set in a different location.

However, there are some common themes. Every book in the ‘Stone collection’ charts the story of someone journeying from brokenness to wholeness. Each book always contains romance as well as mystery and adventure. And all ‘Stone’ books are designed to be read by both men and women—particularly by those who need a page-turner to keep them engaged.

One of the most characteristic features of these books is that they are garnished with philosophy and spirituality. Issues such as grief, hopelessness, shame, and meaninglessness are explored. There is depth—but you don’t always know you’re absorbing it because it flows naturally in the dialogue. It peeps out from the mystery and adventure like a shy child… and you are warmed by it.

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