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New release: A Summary of the Bible

New release: A Summary of the Bible

A Summary of the Bible is released on 1 August 2014 and you can win a copy!

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Finally: for those who want to read the Bible in simplified form (one sixth full size)… or want to be guided through its complexities accurately and clearly, Dr Nick Hawkes, has written A Summary of the Bible: Simplifying the Greatest Book in History.

The book has already received international praise in the lead up to its official release. “For many of us, the Bible is big and complicated. Dr Nick Hawkes has done an amazing job in creating this Summary of the Bible. It has become one of the most valuable tools for our church planters and believers in Asia. None of us now have an excuse in not understanding what Bible is all about. This is a “must have” resource for both Christians and non-Christians,” said Jossy Chacko, Founder and International President of EMPART.

A Summary of the Bible is a unique idea … a fresh idea for a popular reference book that gives a great overview of the entire Bible,” said Scott Bolinder, President, Global Publishing, Biblica [Publishers of the ‘New International Version’ of the Bible].

A Summary of the Bible was written to meet the needs of time-pressured people who want to know what’s in the Bible—without having to read all of its 800,000 words!

Not all sections of the Bible are easy to understand. Dr Nick Hawkes, theologian, broadcaster and award-winning writer, guides readers through it with simplicity and clarity. He’s done this so effectively that the book has been translated into Hindi, due to demand in the two-thirds world for an easy-to-understand form of the Bible.

Dr Hawkes said, “I wrote this book because people in Africa and India asked me for a version of the Bible that could be understood by those without much training. I confess that I demurred until time-pressured friends in the West heard of the project and said they’d like it too.”

A Summary of the Bible is for me, an essential hands-on tool for ordinary people in our global village that will unlock Biblical truth,” said Mike Hey, Area Director, East Asia and Pacific, for Operation Mobilisation.

The book features key scriptures in full, an introductory page for each book of the Bible, scriptural memory verses and discussion questions.

Dr Nick Hawkes is also the author of The Bible on the Key Issues of Life, winner of the Bible Study category at the US Selah Awards 2014. 

A Summary of the Bible is available in all good bookstores or buy online now.

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Aussie author Dr Nick Hawkes wins US Award!

Aussie author Dr Nick Hawkes wins US Award!

Dr Nick Hawkes, author of the upcoming, The Summary of the Bible won the 2014 Selah Award: Bible Study Category.

The 2014 Selah Awards were announced at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, USA last week. Adelaide based author, Dr Nick Hawkes won the Bible Studies Award for his book The Bible on the Key Issues of Life.

On hearing of his award, Nick Hawkes said, "I'm thrilled and humbled by this award. My passion is to make the Bible known in a really useful, easily accessible form. I'm delighted to think this might occur."

This award-winning book contains Bible studies on 50 of the most common questions asked about life and faith. Issues covered include: guidance; suffering; healing; getting a job: sex; the environment; and the resurrection.

Dr Hawkes' next book, A Summary of the Bible set for release in August 2014 continues his passion for providing the Bible in a simplified form. It is about one sixth the size of the full Bible and provides a simple, concise and easy to understand summary of its contents.

Dr Hawkes has two degrees in science and two in theology. He is an author, radio broadcaster, college lecturer and pastor.

Find out more about Dr Hawkes and his upcoming book A Summary of the Bible.

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An interview with Dr Nick Hawkes

An interview with Dr Nick Hawkes

Dr Nick Hawkes is a broadcaster, novelist, ex-research scientist, academic and pastor. He has lived in a number of countries overseas – and his adventures there inform his writing. Nick writes in three different genres: 1) novels; 2) biblical resources; 3) apologetic works that make the case for Christ.

Dr Nick Hawkes is the author of A Summary of the Bible.

Question 1: What was the first story you ever wrote and has it been published?
My first novel was The Celtic Stone. I love ripping yarns that have a heart and make you think... so I had a go.

Question 2: What is your favourite part about being an author?
Authors have the power to reach people's hearts. It is amazing when that happens – and an extraordinary privilege to be allowed to do so. I loved hearing that one of my books was instrumental in changing a person's life direction from being a water engineer (and atheist) ... to a person training for the priesthood.

My novels are a bit different. I get huge pleasure when weary, time-pressured people report their delight in being refreshed by my novels.

Question 3: What is the hardest part about being an author?
Getting overseas publishers to take you seriously.

Question 4: What do you do for fun?
I do woodwork. I love building furniture.

Question 5: How do you test out your stories?
I test ideas with dear friends in coffee houses. On one occasion, it involved the waitress!

Question 6: What was your favourite children's book when you were a kid?
King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table by Roger Green. It's full of adventure and valour - fantastic

Question 7: Have you ever travelled overseas as an author?
No. But my adventures overseas find their way into my novels.

Question 8: Have you met anyone even more famous than you?
Almost everyone is more famous than me! I once had a wonderful time in Oxford as a guest of Prof John Brooke (Harris Manchester College) – and had some great debates. Prof David Wilkinson (John's College, Durham Uni.) also has a fabulous mind and a gracious spirit. I greatly enjoy his company.

Question 9: What genre do you like to write the most?
Hard to say. I enjoy writing novels... but I also feel the passion and need to write apologetic works that make the case for Christianity. Along the way, I also write Bible resources. Perhaps the diversity keeps me fresh.

Question 10: What do you consider your biggest achievement?
The biggest achievement was getting 20 years of biblical research on life issues into one book, The Bible on the Key Issues of Life. It was a big undertaking – one I could not have done without the help of good friends.

Question 11: What book are you reading right now?
My latest draft of The Pharaoh's Stone.


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