Definition: Rhiza (pronounced: rise -a) is a Greek word for resembling, or connected with, a root.

Rhiza Connect exists to publish stories for adult readers that focus on relationship and growth. Our books aim to help people make valuable connections with themselves and with those who share their life journey.

Our authors at Rhiza Connect draw on the heart of who they were created to be, expressing themselves and their message with voices that ring true with love, hope, and grace – from the roots that are their lifespring.

Rhiza Connect was established as a new imprint in 2018 to give a home to our new connective titles written for adults, and inspirational Young Adult fiction. A number of years ago one of our imprints was Even Before Publishing where we published a range of faith inspired titles. As these titles crossover with this new imprint they are included on this website as examples of books we are proud to have produced. Please browse our books, both backlist and new titles to find a range of wonderful Australian authored books.

The lead editor of Rhiza Connect is Rachel Sweasey. All submissions should go through our submission portal.