Rhiza Connect is currently considering unsolicited submissions. Rhiza Connect's main focus is on adult fiction, but inspirational and faith-based YA fiction will also be considered.

We aim to publish stories that focus on relationship and growth, helping people make valuable connections with themselves and with those who share their life journey. As an independent publisher, we love to find those unique stories that connect us all.

We strongly recommend that you have a look through the types of books we publish. Reading these will help you better understand what we are looking for. There is a heavily discounted pack of recommended reading below.

Rhiza Connect publishes for both the mainstream and faith-based market. If your submission is intended for the faith-based market please be aware that it cannot include themes, content or langauge that is unacceptable to those readers. While it is possible to write crossover fiction, please bear in mind that, unless designed with great care, this can eventuate in a story which fits neither in a mainstream bookstore nor a faith bookstore. We are looking for stories that are either clearly faith-based, or clearly mainstream. The latter can of course be underpinned by faith values and contain discreet messages.

To submit a manuscript, please go to either the Adult Fiction or Young Adult Fiction tabs under submissions

We sometimes receive email enquiries from authors who are unsure if their manuscript or enquiry fits our standard submission process.  If you have a proposition that you believe is unique, we would urge you to make this clear in a covering letter that you upload along with your manuscript.  This is the best way to ensure we have all the information necessary in the correct place. We choose to consider submissions as a team and therefore require that all submissions and queries are uploaded via our submissions portal.

Need some help? Books for Writers has books on how to submit a manuscript and the publishing industry for reference.

Don't Know What We're Looking For?

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